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Kao Laurier Empowers You

April, 2012

Fara Fauzana – New Laurier brand ambassador
We firmly believe that this is the PERFECT COMFORT for Malaysian female


Kuala Lumpur, April 12, 2012 -Thick is not always better, not when you have the new Laurier Perfect Comfort sanitary pad that was launched by Kao Laurier, especially with you in mind.


From left : Ms. Jessie Chan Brand Manager of Laurier , Mr.Toyoshima Manager of Japan R&D-Sanitary , Mr.Murakami Yoshihiro CEO of Kao Malaysia , Ms.Fara Fauzana new ambassador for Laurier

Commenting at the launch of Kao Laurier Perfect Comfort, Murakami Yoshihiro, CEO/ President of Kao (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, said, “This is our testimony of the breakthrough technology that has lead to the development of sanitary pads which is tailored to respond to the needs of women today who are dynamic and constantly on the move. WE firmly believe that this is the napkin of Perfect comfort for Malaysian female that gives them security, confidence and freedom to live life to the fullest,” said Mr. Murakami.

New Laurier Perfect Comfort is the testimonial of the new breakthrough of Wonder Gel technology and Quick Lock System that offers customers’ a sanitary napkin that is ultra-slim, hyper absorbent and easy to wash.

Mr.Toyoshima Manager of Japan R&D - Sanitary explaining about the breakthrough innovation of “Wonder Gel Technology”   Ms.Sugino demonstrating the hyper absorbent of new Laurier Perfect Comfort vs.competitor Maxi   MS.Sugino demonstrating the new breakthrough innovation of “Wonder Gel is quick and easy to wash
Commenting on Fara’s appointment as the ambassador of Laurier, Ms. Jessie Chan, Brand Manager of Laurier, Kao Malaysia said, “We are pleased to work with Fara as she exudes confidence, the drive to excel and is game to face challenges and feels secure. This, in essence is what Laurier Perfect Comfort offers customers - the experience of being secured, confident and ability to take on challenges. Furthermore, we believe she is able to connect with the brand.
Chit-chat session with Fara Fauzana ( left ) and
Nadia about the life of a woman and how you are empowered to live life to the fullest with the new Perfect Comfort , a Pilihan Perfect.
  Fara Fauzana, brand ambassador of Laurier officiates by signing a commemorative poster .
It is indeed a pleasure for me to represent this well-known sanitary napkin that understands the needs of women. Furthermore, I am able to relate to the brand essence of Laurier Perfect Comfort as it brings out the confidence and the drive to excel besides giving me the assurance of security. I am excited to begin this journey with Laurier and share the positive aura that exudes from this brand with my fans,” added Fara Fauzana.

Experience the ultimate comfort that you dream of with the new Laurier Perfect Comfort and live life confidently especially at that time of the month. Free yourself.

Make Laurier Perfect Comfort your “Pilihan Perfect” for your ultimate comfort and confidence. Laurier Empowers You.

For more details, check out brand site www.kao.com/my/laurier or facebook page @ www.facebook.com/Kaolaurier
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