Enhancing Microbial Control Technology
Safety Science

Microorganisms exist widely in the natural world and have an intimate relationship with our own lives. In fact, we derive many benefits from microorganisms by using their ability to produce certain substances. Examples include the enzymes produced by the fermentation process, which are sophisticated and useful natural materials. However, microorganisms have a dark side, as well. They cause food to rot, are the source of stains and bad odors, and can pose a danger to our health and well-being. This being the case, the need for microbial control technologies as protective measures has become a particularly pressing issue in recent years.

In deepening our understanding of microbial control technologies, it is important to shine a light on the microbial systems that lie behind the many phenomena caused by microorganisms. In particular, we are concentrating on biofilm research aimed at controlling bacteria in the food field, and on the mechanisms of microbial control related to biologically active substances. The key to pursuing this research is developing a technology capable of determining the species of targeted microorganisms and evaluating their microbiological conditions. Therefore, we are also working to establish technologies that help us identify and distinguish microorganisms using molecular biological methods and technology that renders microorganisms visible using a confocal laser microscope.
Microbial control technologies are essential for consumers' safety and confidence in our products, helping them to create healthy and pleasant lives. Through our commitment to Yoki-Monozukuri, we will continue to pursue microbial control as a fundamental and essential technology.