Kao to Launch Healthya Coffee for Enhancing Body Fat Utilization as Energy

- FOSHU Approved Drink Activates Health Function of Coffee -

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Michitaka Sawada) will launch Healthya Coffee, the first coffee beverage from the Healthya series, on April 4. The new drink contains a high level of polyphenol "coffee chlorogenic acid" and is approved as Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) due to its effect enhancing the body fat utilization as energy.

<i><b>Healthya Coffee Sugar-free Black</b></i> (left)
<i><b>Healthya Coffee Light-sugar Milk</b></i>  (right)

Healthya Coffee Sugar-free Black (left)
Healthya Coffee Light-sugar Milk (right)

Launch background and objectives

As Japan's population rapidly ages, an increasing number of people are striving to maintain their health for the long-term. Upholding the vision of "contributing to achieve a society with active seniors," Kao is involved in prevention and improvement of lifestyle-related diseases through research in human health care and development of related products to deal with "metabolic syndrome" of the middle-aged and older.

Healthya products were first launched in Japan in 2003 and have been popular with consumers as the only* FOSHU approved beverage series that enhances fat utilization as energy. Healthya Green Tea, launched in 2003, was followed by Healthya Water in 2006 and Healthya Sparkling in 2009.

New Healthya Coffee includes sufficient amount of polyphenols "coffee chlorogenic acid" contained in coffee beans and is the first FOSHU coffee beverage with positive effect on body fat utilization. Satisfying both needs for health and good taste, Kao proposes a new style of health care to control body fat through everyday coffee consumption.

* Kao survey in 2013

Product details

Product nameVolumeRecommended retail price
Healthya Coffee Sugar-free Black185gJPY 149 (tax included)
Healthya Coffee Light-sugar Milk

*Sales commencement date: April 4, 2013
*Sales area: Japan

Product features

Approved as a Food for Specified Health Use (FOSHU) by Consumer Affairs Agency

Approved health claim
Due to the high content of coffee polyphenol (chlorogenic acids), this drink enhances body fat utilization as energy and is suitable for people who are concerned about body fat.

Healthya Coffee enhances the functionality of polyphenol "coffee chlorogenic acid" contained in coffee beans while also retaining the distinctive flavor of roasted coffee beans.

- Contains 270mg coffee chlorogenic acid per can
- Original nano-trap process reduces oxide component and miscellaneous taste
- Two varieties: "Sugar-free Black" type with a smooth and fresh aftertaste of pleasant bitterness; "Light-sugar Milk" type with fresh aftertaste and a mild, rich flavor

About Kao

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