Regarding Support for Earthquake Relief Efforts in China's Qinghai Province

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Motoki Ozaki) and its Group companies express our deepest compassion for the people suffering from the massive earthquake that recently struck the northwest region of China.

To support the people affected by the quake, Kao has decided to donate a total of 560,000 yuan (approx. 7.8 million yen, or 84,000 US dollars) to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation.

We sincerely wish the people in the quake-hit area a speedy recovery from the disaster.

Details of Donations

(exchange rate: 1 yuan = approx. 14 yen 1 US dollar = approx. 93 yen)

Kao Corporation

• 360,000 yuan (approx. 5 million yen, or 54,000 US dollars)

Kanebo Cosmetics (China) Co., Ltd. (local subsidiary of Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.)

• 200,000 yuan (approx. 2.8 million yen, or 30,000 US dollars)
• Collecting voluntary donations made by company employees

Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd. (local subsidiary of Kao Corporation)

• Collecting voluntary donations made by company employees
• Planning to provide relief supplies to earthquake victims as soon as the affected area can receive them

*Additional information dated May 18, 2010 Donations in the amount of 79,743 yuan were made voluntarily by Kao (China) Holding Co., Ltd. employees and delivered to the Chinese Red Cross Foundation on May 6, 2010.

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