Kao Announces New CI and Environmental Statement

- Place Ecology at Core of Management -

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Motoki Ozaki) announces a new mission, as outlined in its medium- and long-term outlook: "Positioning ecology at the core of management, Kao aims to contribute to 'the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people globally' in the fields of cleanliness, beauty and health." It will drive all Kao Group to meet, on a world scale, with changes in the surrounding business environment. To comply with this new mission and to symbolize its direction and resolve, Kao stipulates a new CI (corporate identity) and upholds its environmental statement.

With the objective of showing this resolve to have ecology at its management core, the corporate message of Kao's new CI was selected: "Enriching lives, in harmony with nature."

Under the theme of "eco together," the Kao Environmental Statement comprises "eco together" in Action and the 2020 Medium-term Objectives. The former proposes development of water- and energy-conserving products and introduces "eco together" activities pursued with customers. The latter stipulates targeted values for reducing CO2 emissions for consumer products manufacturing and minimizing water consumption during product use.

In pursuit of growing on a global scale, the business brand logo "Kao (Japanese characters) + moon" conventionally used in Japan will be consolidated to "Kao (English letters) + moon." For all Kao Group, Kao will use the logo "Kao" in English lettering.

1. The New CI (Corporate Identity)

Kao has defined its new CI with a corporate message as follows.

Since its foundation over a century ago, Kao has pursued Yoki-Monozukuri*1 to provide consumers with joys in the modest but invaluable routines of their daily lives. Kao will further evolve Yoki-Monozukuri to realize new harmonization between the lives of people and the global environment.

Based on this concept, Kao has summarized the Group's new mission and vision in the message "Enriching lives, in harmony with nature," which will lead its corporate activities hereafter.

"Enriching lives, in harmony with nature"

*1 Yoki-Monozukuri: In Japanese, Yoki literally means good/excellent, and Monozukuri means development/manufacturing of products. It expresses a strong commitment by all Kao members to provide products and brands of excellent value for consumer satisfaction.

2. Kao Environmental Statement 'eco together'

Concerns over depletion of natural resources and global warming show that people are becoming more aware of environmental issues. Though Kao has been engaging in ecology activities such as 3Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle), the company will further pursue new environmental approaches unique to Kao by upholding the Kao Environmental Statement, which is leading the Group's direction "in harmony with nature."

Kao products are designed for everyday use in homes around the world. For this reason, Kao utilizes original Kao-developed technologies to minimize the impact its products have on the environment, not just in the manufacturing process, but in the daily lives of customers who use them. From materials procurement and manufacturing, to distribution, sales, use and final disposal in the lifecycle of products, Kao wants to engage in "eco together" with stakeholders and consumers worldwide.

Under the theme of "eco together," Kao will proceed with both "eco together" in Action and the 2020 Medium-term Objectives. As a symbol of these ambitions, Kao presents its environmental communication logo.

'eco together' in Action

The "eco together" plan proposes three "eco" activities to be pursued together with consumers/customers, business partners and members of society: development of water- and energy-conserving products, reduction of packaging materials, and support for environmental conservation activities.

2020 Medium-term Objectives

These objectives promote action in three domains: CO2 emission reductions related to consumer product manufacturing and water consumption during product use; active implementation of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) to promote sound chemical management; and implementation of measures to protect biodiversity.

3. Changes for Business Brand Logo

The Kao Group holds many business brands for communicating with consumers: Kao with the moon logo; Kao Sofina and Kanebo Cosmetics; and in the North America and Europe, KPSS-Kao Professional Salon Services, Kao Brands and Molton Brown.

Among those, Kao brand with the moon logo will be consolidated into "Kao (English letters) + moon," for its consumer products business in Japan and Asia, and chemical business worldwide, starting October 1.

As a logo representing Kao Group globally, Kao in English letters will be used.

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