Kao to Launch Asience® in Malaysia

- Sixth Overseas Launch: Kao Expands Sales Area in Asia -

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Motoki Ozaki) on April 1, 2009 will launch premium hair care brand Asience® in Malaysia. To date, since the introduction of the brand in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and Thailand, this will be the sixth overseas region to launch the brand.

Launch Background and Objective

For future continuous growth and development of the Group, Kao believes it is imperative to expand its market into other Asian countries and regions where high growth is expected. With this objective, since 2005, Kao has been working in accordance with the Company slogan "Asia Harmonization" to further promote its business in Asia. This initiative involves developing business process innovation by sharing knowledge and expertise among Kao Japan and the Asia Group companies, and promoting speedy, optimum operational activities in R&D, production, marketing and sales.

Moreover, in the Asian market, Kao has been offering high value-added products--those that achieved great success in Japan with strong support from consumers--as pan-Asia brands: Attack® (laundry detergent), Laurier® (sanitary napkins), Bioré® (skin care) and Essential Damage Care® (hair care). Such pan-Asia brands were released with the aim of receiving strong support from consumers in each Asian market as well.

Asience is a premium hair care brand, applying Kao's knowledge and expertise accumulated through longtime research on the attributes of Asian women's hair. Since its launch in October 2003 in Japan, with additions of new items and renewals, Asience has been pursuing "the beauty of supple and bouncy hair unique to Asian women." In the Asian market, beginning with its introduction in Taiwan and Hong Kong in November 2005, the brand has been launched in a total of five regions, winning support from highly beauty-conscious women in every region.

With Malaysia, the sixth sales area in Asia, marketing activities will be conducted in conjunction with the concept developed in Japan and the other five regions, focusing on women who are conscious to beauty care, proposing 窶徼he beauty of supple and bouncy hair unique to Asian women."

Kao will further develop pan-Asia brands and distribution for many markets to contribute toward enrichment of the lives of Asian consumers through "Yoki-Monozukuri."*

*"Yoki-Monozukuri" is a Kao Group value defined as "a strong commitment by all members to provide products and brands of excellent value for consumer satisfaction."

Product Details

Product Names and Bottle Types Volume
Asience® Deep Nourish Shampoo regular 220ml
Asience® Deep Nourish Shampoo pump 550ml
Asience® Deep Nourish Conditioner regular 220ml
Asience® Deep Nourish Conditioner pump 550ml
Asience® Deep Nourish Treatment 180g

*Sales commencement date: April 1, 2009
*Sales area: Nationwide throughout Malaysia

Reference: Status of Asience's Overseas Development

Region Sales commencement date Product type
Taiwan 2005 November Deep Nourish
2007 April Moisture Balance
2008 September Shine Therapy
Hong Kong 2005 November Deep Nourish
2007 April Moisture Balance
2008 September Shine Therapy
Singapore 2006 July Deep Nourish
2008 March Moisture Balance
2008 November Shine Therapy
China 2008 March Deep Nourish
Thailand 2008 March Deep Nourish
2009 March Moisture Balance
Malaysia 2009 April Deep Nourish