Kao to Launch Medicated Pyuora® Nano-bright Toothpaste, for Dullness of Adult Teeth

-Removes Stain Deposits to a Nano Level for White and Lustrous Teeth-

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Motoki Ozaki) on February 14, 2009 will launch Medicated Pyuora® Nano-bright Toothpaste from the Medicated Pyuora series, a lineup for managing a clean and healthy oral environment. The new product removes stain deposits from teeth to a nano level, leaving teeth white and lustrous.

Launch Background and Objectives

Concern over oral hygiene has increased, as cleaning teeth after meals has become common practice. With heightened awareness on maintaining attractive teeth, people tend to spend more time with each opportunity to brush. With aging, however, problems faced with the oral environment diversify, and approximately 70 percent of consumers feel uncomfortable with their oral condition (2008 Kao survey on women in their 30s to 50s).

Among the reasons for the uncomfortable feeling are aging, stress and fatigue, which are known to contribute to decreased secretion of saliva. Lower secretion of saliva not only affects the oral environment, but also results in accumulation of persistent stain deposits on the tooth surface (enamel layer). This causes loss of whiteness and luster of adult teeth, and finally damages the beauty of teeth (Kao survey).

Medicated Pyuora Nano-bright is newly formulated with nature-derived phytic acid* (brightening agent), which removes persistent stain deposits to a nano level and achieves luster and beautiful teeth.

Moreover, Pyuora's erythritol (cleaning agent) quickly permeates collected bacterial plaque, facilitates its dispersion, and cleanse up the mouth.

* Phytic acid:
Phytic acid is nature-derived ingredient contained in rice bran or unpolished rice, and is used as a stabilizer for food products.

Product details

 Product name:  Medicated Pyuora® Nano-bright Toothpaste (Quasi-drug)
 Volume:  100g
 Recommended retail price:  Open
 Sales commencement date:  February 14, 2009
 Sales area:  Nationwide throughout Japan

Product features

Removes persistent stain deposits on teeth to a nano level, leaving teeth lustrous and white.

- Formulated with nature-derived phytic acid (brightening agent)
  Removes persistent stain deposits on the teeth's surface to a nano level and brings further luster.
- Formulated with erythritol, a cleaning agent
- Penetrates quickly into collected bacterial plaque, disperses it, and sanitizes the mouth
- Formulated with triclosan, a antibacterial agent
- Prevents cavities, gingivitis and bad breath
- Formulated with vitamin E
- Improves blood circulation and prevents swelling and bleeding caused by pyorrhea and gingivitis
- Refined refreshing feeling and white mint flavor