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Kao's Response to Great East Japan Earthquake (Final issue)

Kao Corporation (President and CEO: Motoki Ozaki) expresses our deepest compassion for the people and regions suffering from the Great East Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Dai-Shinsai).

We extend our genuine condolences to those closest to the victims who lost their lives, and sincerely wish the people suffering in the stricken regions an early recovery from the disaster.

The followings are updates on affected plants and logistics bases.

Current status of plants

  • Kashima Plant has resumed production and will ramp up to near-regular operation for all products by the end of April, 2011.

  • Current status of logistics facilities

  • In Sendai and Miyagi area, Kao has substituted shipment by utilizing Kao's neighboring bases.

  • Kao is currently working towards resuming the logistics operations and will resume Sendai-minami Logistics Center in the middle of May, 2011.

  • Impacts on Kao Group's business performance

  • Please refer to Business Results of FY2010 disclosed today for impacts of the earthquake on Kao Group's business performance.

  • At Kao, we believe it is our mission to provide a stable supply of daily necessities to consumers. All members are making their utmost efforts under the severe circumstances confronting Japan at this time. We will continue to support for an early recovery from the disaster. We will promptly provide updates in case of any change of status.

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