Toward a Global Presence

The Kao Group has made the Kao Way, the Group's corporate philosophy, the foundation of all of its corporate activities. Our mission is to enrich the lives of people globally and contribute to the sustainability of the world.

Since its founding in 1887, Kao has been striving to fulfill this mission by offering products that deliver clear value to both consumers and business customers around the world. We make consumer products that promote healthy living through cleanliness and beauty, and chemical products that contribute to the development of a diverse range of industries.

In 2009, Kao unveiled a new corporate message—"Enriching lives, in harmony with nature"—together with the Kao Environmental Statement. Climate change, resource depletion and other environmental problems are urgent issues, and we strive to reduce environmental impact at every stage of our business activities. By constantly searching for sustainable raw materials, we aim to contribute to environmental conservation. Furthermore, in 2013 we declared our commitment to a sustainable future in the Kao Sustainability Statement. We are now working with diverse stakeholders to realize a more sustainable society through close cooperation based on trust and empathy.

In 2016, we will strengthen our businesses to support future growth through maximum use of Group assets and the redoubling of our efforts to create new value through innovation. This is the foundation of Yoki-Monozukuri and one of the core strengths of the Kao Group.

Achieving profitable growth while contributing to the sustainability of the world, the Kao Group will continue to work in unison to build its global presence.

May 2016


Michitaka Sawada

President and Chief Executive Officer
Kao Corporation