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Remaining attentive to people’s needs as we contribute to the resolution of social issues through our business activities.

Fiscal 2017 marks the start of the Kao Group Mid-term Plan 2020 (K20) (FY2017-2020). Ever since we launched Kao Sekken (soap) in 1890 with the aim of promoting greater hygiene and comfort, a major goal of our business activities has been to enrich the lives of people globally. K20 goes further, laying a corporate framework to contribute to the sustainability of the world and to the resolution of social issues, while always remaining attentive to people’s needs.

The Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present targets for the world to achieve by working together to realize sustainability. The four social issues that the Kao Group will address are the environment, health, aging and hygiene. For the environment, we are reducing environmental impact throughout our product lifecycles based on the Kao Environmental Statement, and collaborating with stakeholders in a wide variety of activities under our “eco together” concept. Regarding health, aging and hygiene, as we provide products and services that help address these issues, we also seek out new opportunities to engage in awareness-raising activities. We will continue to build on these commitments using Kao’s combined strengths.

Since our founding, Kao has developed many assets, from research, production and marketing to sales. However, we believe that our most valuable asset is our human capital, which forms the foundation for all of our activities. Committed to helping each employee develop their individual abilities and qualities, we also support the promotion of diversity in the workplace, including gender equality.

At the core of our identity is integrity, a key Value in our corporate philosophy, the Kao Way. Integrity shines through in our lawful, ethical conduct, and our commitment to fair and honest business practices. As a corporate member of the global community, we pledged our support for the United Nations Global Compact of 2005, which defined Ten Principles for human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Our commitment to integrity will continue to guide our business activities as our global presence grows.

Looking to 2020, we are aiming to transform ourselves to drive change. The Kao Group will continue to address social challenges through our business activities.

Michitaka Sawada

Michitaka Sawada
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kao Corporation

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